Republic of Turkey in the fight against the independence and sovereignty location icon. This country is the country of the Turkish Nation, who understands the indivisible integrity, the tradition of democracy and the love of the homeland throughout history, that gives its life without blinking, and that produces and works in this country for its future.

The Turkish Nation fought democracy, sovereignty and independence against the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, 2016, shoulder to shoulder, tanks, heavy weapons and jets. He did not leave the squares, the bridges and the streets for a moment and did not give a pass to the coup plotters. In this process, while the treacherous attempt was eliminated, our people killed 251 martyrs. The Turkish people were injured but not destroyed. On the morning of that night, we woke up to a brand new day. That was the day when the spirit of July 15 echoed around the world.

In the history of the Republic of Turkey he has witnessed many military coup. Our nation, which lived on May 27, September 12, and February 28, proved that it will not give a blow to the world on July 15.

We thankfully remember our 15 July Martyrs and all our martyrs who fought for the indivisible integrity of these lands.

Only lived in many countries in the world, not military coup in Turkey, and continues to live. And it seems that he will continue to live. While there have been 475 military coup attempts in the world since 1950, 236 of them have demolished democratic governments, disrupted the development of societies and caused deep damage. Such interventions in democratic systems have negatively affected the demographic structures of the countries.

What if we turn our face to the world? In our recent history, countries such as Thailand, Argentina, Egypt, Chile, Venezuela have experienced military coups and many countries still continue to live with the threat of military coups.

Can we offer a solution to the interventions in these countries with the possibilities of technology? Can we draw the attention of the world to these regions? Can we guide democratic governments on how to prevent military coups using technology? We set out to find the answers to all these questions.

We are using this effective and widespread working method hekaton that technology and our age offer us; Turkey and lived in the world or are currently experiencing, which stops the functioning of the democratic system, which disrupt social peace, social, economic and cultural background completely changed the military coup of results, we aim to reveal a working globally.

The International July 15 Anti Impact Hekaton will enable the first and only Big Data analysis study in the field of military coups. The data of military coups, which have been happening all over the world for the last century and have great demographic effects, can be easily analyzed thanks to innovative applications and infographic to be created and the first steps of a global information network will be taken in our country.



    The technology that led to the greatest changes of our age is undoubtedly the communication technologies. There are positive roles that cannot be answered, in which information access and information distribution play a role. Establishing systems that can prevent this positive output from being prevented by impacts, however, gathering and analyzing the information accumulated as a result of impacts from various parts of the world, and analyzing and developing technologies that may prevent future impacts from happening again.

    • Mobile Communication with Air Tools 
    • Interactive Knowledge 
    • BaseSource Management Systems
    • Presentation and Administration Systems

    • Impact Crisis Management Simulation
    • Emergency Action Guides
    • Past Strokes and Their Effects on Communication
    • Pulses and Public Information

    Ensuring that the information is exposed with all its clarity, allowing it to be freely distributed in all layers, bringing together the big clusters of information in a meaningful way, and providing instructional and guiding analysis from these clusters. To determine the effects of coups on people's psychological and social life.

    • Archive Analysis Systems (Artificial Intelligence) 
    • Post Trauma Management 
    • SystemData Reporting
    • Education Kits

    • Impact Effects Map
    • Post Trauma Managementh
    • Coups in History and Today
    • Pulses, Society and Law

    Exposing the economic tables of the cause of military coups. Establishment of information sets to understand numerical fluctuations before, during and after.

    • Economic Resource Management 
    • Resource Tracking and 
    • Management Systems

    • Financial Data Analysis
    • Sector Data Analysis
    • Pulses, Society and Economy
    • Changing Economic Habits with Impacts