We are using this effective and widespread working method called hackathon that technology and our age offer us; we aim to carry on a global study and reveal the results of the military coups which occurred in the past or currently happening in Turkey and rest of the world, which stops the functioning of the democratic system, which disrupt social peace and completely changes social, economic and cultural background of the society.

15th July International Anti Coup Hackathon will enable the first and only Big Data analysis study in the field of military impacts. The data of military coups that have taken place in the world for the last 100 years and have great demographic effects can be easily analyzed thanks to the innovative applications and infographics to be created and the first steps of a global information network will be taken strongly.

The world's first Anti Coup Hackathon, which will be held in Istanbul, will be done online using all means of technology, on the 4th anniversary of the elimination of the treacherous coup attempt which our people proved their commitment to democracy and stood against tanks, planes and weapons with faith.

With the scientific support of international companies and distinguished universities that are experts in their fields, and with the participation of teams in the field of software technologies from leading countries and our country, , Anti Coup Hackathon will take place between the dates of 13 - 19 July 2020 for 1 week. Teams will carry out studies about the military coups under the titles of Communication, Education and Economy. Hackathon teams, who will compete for the grand prize for a week, will have mentors who will provide guidance for them on projects, ideas and technologies they want to produce. The projects that will be put in practice in the Anti Coup Hackathon final will be evaluated by our jury consist of distinguished names in the field.

As a result of the evaluations, the application of the World Coup Monitoring Platform will be prepared for the project winner, and an opportunity for the development of their website will be provided. In addition, thanks to Anti Coup Hackathon; we will contribute to make the unknown effects of the coups visible on the society, to create an opportunity for the new generation participate in a social responsibility project with their technological knowledge and innovative ideas, to form a positive public opinion in the world with our international teams and project partners, and to make sure that countries still under threat of the coup are noticed.

Welcome to Anti Coup Hackathon, where you will make your future brighter with the ideas you will produce, the technologies you will develop, the software you will write, and the graphic elements you will use. We are stronger with you. As we know, unity makes strength!


Code of our Endeavor

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The Story of the Longest Night, July 15, 2016 Coup Attempt