Can we propose a solution for the interventions experienced in these countries by means of technology? Can we draw the attention of the world to these regions? Can we guide democratic governments on how to prevent military coups through the utilization of technology? We are embarking on this journey to find answers to all of these questions.


“Understanding and analyzing coups, and building systems that serve this purpose”

anafikir 1440w


Defining the problems you observe or the questions in your mind related to the fields of “Communication”, “Education”, and “Economy” before, during or after military coups and enabling the visibility of the unknown impacts of coups on society through infographics or applications.


Actually, life is a journey for all of us. This journey has a goal. But none of us know exactly where our goal is taking us. We live life hour by day, day by day. We are taking steps forward. Here, we will proceed step by step in this Hekaton, which we will make it happen together. It will reach its goal step by step. If you want, let's see together what we will experience from the first step…

  • 1 - Build your team
  • 2 - Are you one of the competitors?
  • 3 - The competition is starting, but let's meet beforehand?
  • 4 - Hello World :)
  • 5 - First dream and then reality ..
  • 6 - We will be all the winners.
  • 7 - That big day…

1- Build your team

  • Identify a problem or a question in mind that results from or causes impacts.
  • Read our themes and choose "Communication", "Economy", "Education" from the channels in our themes. Determine what kind of solution you would like for this title "infographic" or "application".
  • If you have friends to work with for the same goal, tell them about us. If not, choose the individual registration in the registration process, let's bring together people who have an idea like you but are not teammates.
  • Okay, now you set up your team. Now it is time to register his team with Hekaton. to. Click the "Register" button, enter all the information.
  • Now it is time to wait a little… Our science committee will share with you that you are a competitor after a general assessment of the teams.
  • Remember, all registration procedures will start on June 15, 2020 and will continue until July 5, 2020.
  • In the meantime, if you filled out a form alone, you can set up your own team in a chat room where you can be a team with participants who applied alone like you on July 6.

2- Are you one of the competitors?

  • You have done all the registration. You will have to wait a little longer. On July 8, 2020, you will be informed about the situation related to participation. This assessment will be made according to the selection criteria for Haketon to be healthy.
  • Check your mails early in the morning on July 9. You will receive an email with all the details. This email means that you and your team have become part of the solution…

3- The competition is starting, but let's meet beforehand?

  • You have survived all the stages. You and your team are now part of the International July 15 Anti Impact Hekaton.
  • On July 10, we will send information to all our participants separately. You will be informed about the entire flow and connection tests will be carried out on the website.
  • All preparations are now complete. Now it's time to wait for the live broadcast from televisions, youtubed and the Hekaton platform.

4- Hello World ☺

  • Do not all codes meet the world in this way? Yes, we want to announce the hektone to the whole world. This from the center of Istanbul.
  • Hekaton will be kicked. Mentors-Jury Members-SDavetli Speakers will tell, Teams will compete, videos will be watched and our message will be sent to the whole world.
  • Hekaton has begun now. Don't forget 13 July 2020 ☺

5- First dream and then reality ..

  • Yes, Hekaton started. Now you and your team have begun to think quickly, turn what they think into design or into an app.
  • This is the first stage. This stage will take 2 days. At this first stage, it is necessary to explain the ideas and to present a project that has advanced as far as the approach is shown. These two days will pass with the work routine that you and your team will plan until the semi-final presentations. Other than that, there are things you should do.
  1. Every day, you and your mentor have to meet with the mentors for half an hour.
  2. Every day, you have to connect to the webinar platform as an entire team at an hour you designate and make a meeting that will be broadcast live for half an hour, but quietly.
  3. You have to attend a 15-minute press conference every day at an hour you set.

These two days passed so that you made us understand the strength of the team, increased interaction on the platforms, inspired those who watched you and asked you questions, and more importantly, worked to realize your own dream with your team. Now it is time to show the presentations you have prepared to the jury members.

  • July 15, 2020 16:00 h Turkey time. We have come to the exciting moment where ideas are presented for the semifinals. Remember, you have only 15 minutes to impress the jury and tell your opinion. In these 15 minutes, the jury will make an evaluation in line with the details below.
  1. The strength of the team
  2. Originality of the idea
  3. Availability of the resulting idea or product
  • After the end of all presentations, it is time for the teams to reach the semi-final at 20:00. We have no doubt that all of us will follow this moment with excitement at the beginning of their screens.

6- We will be all the winners.

It is certain that we have valuable ideas, but some of us will come to the forefront in this way. It should not be forgotten that every step we take on this path we walk step by step is valuable. Your idea may not have been accepted, perhaps it has been. The important thing is that we think you exist in this journey, to be an inspiration in this environment, to feel the power of togetherness. No matter who the win is, we know that the future will win.

  • You are now in the semi-final. You started working, the evolution of ideas into the prototype stage. He has three more days ahead. 16-17-18 July these days too
  1. You need to have a half-hour conversation with the mentors every day at a time determined by you and your mentor.
  2. Connect to the webinar platform as a whole team at a time you designate every day
  3. You have to attend a 15-minute press conference every day at an hour you set.

7- That big day…

  • We are at the last step of this journey. It has been 7 days since very short but very intense sharing. You met many people, you went to many live broadcasts, you are excited, you dream, you work hard, you produce, you race and you win… Maybe you will continue to win. Today is the big day. Today is the final day.
  • All teams qualified for the final will be linked. 15-minute presentations will be watched live. You will be one of these teams.
  • The presentation will be evaluated by Juri and the audience. The result here will show us the winner.

We went through all this journey in 7 big steps. We know that to succeed, it is necessary to work together. We know that human beings can progress together. We will continue to take steps by working endlessly with our imagination in the way of science.